Visuel 5 tracks de Pantha du Prince


5 tracks de Pantha du Prince

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Auteur Antoine
Date de publication 01/09/2015

Le compositeur allemand Pantha du Prince viendra présenter son nouveau live en featuring avec The Triad, vendredi 4 septembre au Trianon.

A cette occasion, il donne et commente ses 5 tracks favorites.

Butterfly Girl

It is one of the classic pantha du prince tracks, we did in the early days, it combines a deep poetic sonic world with dark house beats and a noise pop atmosphere ending in a wall of sound. it is a landscape of butterflies to dance to. full of rough beautieness and euphoria.


Describes a way to deal with electroaquoustique experimentation  a whirlwind of real sounds recorded in my kitchen and further on transformed into a melodic ambient but danceable track, i think it was a true revelation when i experimented with the freeware plug ins of smart audio. still i tried to keep a melodic sensibility and stay true to the originally recorded sounds. i tried to zoom into the real sounds and hear the microscopic elements itself being music.

Steiner im Flug

Here i sampled a split second of popol vuh´s sound track to « the great extasy of ski jumper steiner » then i did a loop. i was very much sucked into this short movie of werner herzog.

Welt am Draht

Is also based on a movie series of rainer werner fassbinder:    welt am draht is a classic in german tv production from the 70`S, here i recorded some flageolet tones from the akkustik guitar like the simulacrum in welt am draht.

for black noise we recorded in a landslide area in the swiss alps, this tones from outside i sampled and created my own instruments from it. welt am draht has a eeriness but still a beauty that is intertwined with sadness, i love the beat and how akkustik sounds fall into electronic process into a pleasurable journey to swing your body along to.

The Splendour

For this track i recorded an african thumb piano in a european tuning i processed the sounds to grm tools and it gives the sounds a multidimensional perspective.

it was a situation where tyler pope of !!! and lcd sound system was visiting my studio and he was playing along with his bass guitar.

also i recorded some analog synthesizer on top so it became this cluster of processes conected to a big thunderstorm i experienced during a stay at the dead sea.

we will definitely play this jam in paris in a special live version.


Vendredi  4  septembre/15 19H00
Pantha Du Prince Feat The Triad. Live
Le Trianon
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