Visuel Les 5 meilleurs tracks d’afrobeat de Oyasound


Les 5 meilleurs tracks d’afrobeat de Oyasound

Categorie Playlist
Auteur Antoine
Date de publication 28/03/2017

1. « Afrolatina (Vocal) » – David Montoya

I love the poetry and the pride of being Afrolatina on a house track. 

2. « Aguanile » – Jose Marquez

Great Afrohouse touch to a beautiful classic track.

3. « Papa Loko » – Jephte Guillaume 

One of the first Vodou inspired house tracks I’ve heard. When played I use to lose it & be uplifted on the dance floor. It’s a classic track on steady rotation in most of my sets.

4. « So Blessed » – Djeff

It’s a track I play out of gratitude for the opportunity to travel, meet beautiful people, & share my vibe.

5. « Platinum Dreams » – Don Barbarino

Deep, dark, techy…my roots & original playing style in the house scene.

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