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La playlist de ZZK Records

Categorie Musique
Auteur Jessica
Date de publication 12/10/2017

Du 21 octobre au 22 décembre, NYOKOBOP vous fait découvrir la richesse des musiques hybrides & métissées au travers d’un cycle de programmation de concerts, soirées, dj sets, projections, rencontres et marchés.

Le label argentin ZZK Records fêtera ses 10 ans samedi 21 octobre au Hasard Ludique avec des artistes tels que MATEO KINGMAN, DAT GARCIA, UJI et EL BUHO. Pour patienter écouter la playlist qu’ils nous ont concocté spécialement pour l’occasion !

1. Bosques Via Temperley – Chancha Via Circuito 

This was the 1st track off the 1st album in 2008 and set the mood for the label:  risky, new, different, non-formulaic, groovy, infectious!  Chancha Via Circuito set the stage for what was to come – a new sound that would conquer the world.  

2. Viene de Mi – La Yegros

This was the first time we had a near “pop” hit.  It first came out on the compilation “Future Sounds of Buenos Aires” then debuted on her 1st release.  Together with an amazing music video by Flamboyant Paradise, the Yegros train had departed.

3. Colibria – Nicola Cruz 

This was the 1st single we released with Nicola Cruz.  A 8 minute journey into his world with beautiful vocals by Huaira.  Nicola’s calling card showing the world a taste of what was to come.  Dark, beautiful complex compositions that were as cerebral as they were danceable.  Prender el Alma dropped months later and the rest is history.   

4. Sendero del Monte – Mateo Kingman

In keeping with the spirit of exploring Ecuador, Mateo Kingman has opened up his arsenal of ideas and shown us a mystical, magical profound side of Latin American indigenous culture mixed with contemporary music that has left us mesmerized.

5. Anfibio – Dat Garcia 

Dat Garcia’s world is full of deep vibes steeped in the traditions of her upbringing (she has sang folklore music from a young age) mixed with heady sophisticated electronic music that transports the listener into her world.  Let your mind wander with Dat’s music and connect the dots to a mysterious and deep range of emotions.  

Samedi  21  octobre/17 19H00
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