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The Berliners take the first of May (worker’s day) seriously!
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Activité / Label Indie-electro
Date de publication 09/05/2017
  • What does Paris evoke for you?

    Le bon cuisine! 

  • Your last party? Your last trip in Paris?

    Last party?… this past Monday in Berlin. What a street party! The Berliners take the first of May (worker’s day) seriously! 

    Our last trip in Paris was when we played at the Pop Up du Label in March 2016. 
    We had amazing food at the restaurant upstairs and played a nice show for a lovely audience. 
    After the concert we drove to the Eiffel Tower and spent a little moment as proper tourists in Paris!

  • Your favourite artis(s) around here? Your favourite record(s) from Reykjavik?

    Favourite french artists: 

    Air! It’s the band favourite! 

    I’ve also loved Phoenix since I was a teenager… 
    I Saw Lescop at Iceland Airwaves a few years ago, they are chouette ;) 
    Nouvelle Vague, Telepopmusik, the list goes on… 

    Favourite Reykjavik records: 

    My favourite NEW Icelandic records: 

    JFDR just released a wonderful album last month called ‘Brazil’. It’s mostly recorded live and it is a beautiful piece of work, you should check it out.

    Fufanu – Sports. Amazing album that got released in February. My favourite song is ‘Tokyo’.

    Valgeir Sigurðsson’s “Dissonance”.

    The new Russian.Girls EP – the fre$hest EP I’ve heard in a while… 

    Low Roar’s “Once in a Long, Long While” (technically not 100% Icelandic, but still…) 

  • What’s next for you? Who is the producer to keep an eye on in Reykjavik?

    We are gonna tour, tour, tour. Probably start writing some new music this summer. Tour some more. Then make a new album! 

    Producers to keep an eye on in Reykjavik: Logi Pedro, Oculus, Ayia. 

  • What are your influences?

    Coffee, night-time, friends, day-dreaming. 

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