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I'm a big Nekfeu fan !
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Date de publication 05/05/2017
  • What does Paris evoke for you ?

    Paris feels like home to me. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world…may be my favorite! I remember the first time I visited the city; there was just a certain feeling in the air that’s hard to put in to words. I experienced my first tour in France with Charlie Winston and we played Casino de Paris. Definitely one of the highlights of my musical career so far. I ended up coming to Paris by myself for a month to write some music just because it provokes such strong emotions from me. 

  • Your last party ?

    I’m always out, so my last party was yesterday! But I played my first festival of the year recently and that was a pretty good party (and after party). For my shows, I want people to have a great time, to have fun, to leave all their worries at the door. So every show feels like a celebration. A celebration of life. So, when you come to my show, make sure you’re ready to party!. 

  • Your last musical crush ?

    Well, pretty much anything Kanye did! I thought his last album was great. I’m loving the new Joey Badass album as well. The new Kendrick is incredible too. That one has to be my top pick right now. 

  • Your last trip in Paris ?

    Last year. to play Kitsune After work and it was dope. We had a party!

  • Your favorite artist(s) around here ?

    I’m a big Nekfeu fan. I met him years ago before he became as big as he is now. He came to London for a show and came to my house afterwards and we rapped and played beats. He took 4 beats from me so, may be one of them is coming out soon lol! I really like what Manaste and Wealstarr are doing too, that’s why I added them to the line up for my show. Oh, and Gracy Hopkins has a really cool vibe as well. 

  • Your favourite(s) record(s) from London ?

    Stormzy ‘Big for your boots’ is a great record. His whole album is dope. There’s been a massive resurgence in the UK and grime and UK Hip-hop/afro pop are at the forefront of the scene right now. It’s great to see. I’m a big Giggs fan too. Whippin Excursion and KMT are my favorite tracks of his right now.

  • What’s next for you ?

    Well, my EP ‘Buena Vistas’ is being released June 2nd. I’m very excited about that, plus it’s my first EP on Kitsune. I wanna do a small European tour as well with some dates around France and just keep releasing more good music!

  • Who is the producer to keep an eye on in London ?

    There are some really great producers in London but, as I’m one of them, I’m gonna have to say ME! Fraser T Smith is also an incredible producer. He’s had so many hits, including producing the most recent Kano and Stormzy’s album. 

  • What are your influences ?

    The greats. Kanye, Jay, The Red Hot Chili Peppers – anybody that makes exceptional music is who I listen to, who everybody listens to because they are the exemplar and have set the bar and standard for what you want and hope to achieve. 

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